Ellen Shire          résumé
Solo Exhibitions

2014  Salle Polyvalente, Carennac, France
2014  Gagnac sur Cere, France
2010  Galérie Rolf Rückert, Paris, France
2008  Galerie 1816, Bretenoux, France
2007  Galerie 1816, Bretenoux, France
2007  Gallery Apotiki. Paros, Greece
2006  Château Castelnau, Prudhomat, France
2006  Galerie 1816, Bretenoux, France
2005  Bilderhaus Bornemann, Lübeck, Germany
2004  Mediatheque - Centre Culturelle, Paris
2004  Galerie Mireille Batut-d'Haussy, Paris
2002  25th Annual Small Works Show, New York
2002  Exit Art, Reactions, New York
2001  Asyl Gallery, New York
2001  Bilderhaus Bornemann, Germany
1999  Agios Athanasios (Naoussa); Paros, Greece:Asyl Gallery, New Yorks
1998  Bilderhaus Bornemann, Germany
1997  Asyl Gallery, New York
1996  Bilderhaus Bornemann, Germany
1995  Galerie Rolf Rückert, Paris
           Bilderhaus Bornemann, Germany
1994  Galerie CCC; Paris, France
           Walter Wickiser Gallery; New York
           GEDOK Atelierhaus, Germany 1993 Galerie CCC; Paris, France
           Galerie Reese, Lübeck, Germany
1992  Gallery David; New York, New York
1990  Gallery David; New York, New York
1989  Ronald Marc Feinstein Gallery; New York, New York

Group Exhibitions

2010  Innovationszentrum, Lübeck, Germany
2005  Galerie 1816, Bretenoux, France
2000  Bilderhaus Bornemann, Germany
1998  Bilderhaus Bornemann, Germany
1997  Galerie Z, New York, New York
1996  Gallery Z, New York, New York
           Galerie Reese, Lübeck, Germany
1995  Galerie Rolf Rückert, Paris
          Galerie CCC; Paris, France
1994  Galerie Reese; Lübeck, Germany
           Galerie CCC; Paris, France
1993  Galerie CCC; Paris, France
1992  Ward-Nasse Gallery; New York, New York
1991  Gallery David; New York, New York
1988  Small Works Show; New York, New York
1986  Small Works Show; New York, New York
1985  Allan Stone Gallery; New York, New York
1984  Artists for Amnesty International, Spain
1982, 1983  First and Second Annual Exhibit of Greek and International Artists, Paros, Greece


1996  Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
1994  Artist Studio Exchange Program: GEDOK, Lübeck; sponsored by Ministerium Für Kultur, Kiel

Artist in Residence

1995  Schleswig-Holsteinisches Künstlerhaus, Germany: Artist in Residence
1994  GEDOK Atelierhaus, Germany

Public / Corporate Collections

Volksbank; Lübeck, Germany
The BISYS Group, Inc., New York


Ellen Shire is a New York artist whose painting career melds the artistic history of the city of her birth with the historical richness of Europe.

Ms. Shire, the daughter of an original Martha Graham dancer (and painter) and a founding member of the Manhattan String Quartet, was herself a member of the New York City Ballet under the direction of George Ballanchine.

She also found parallel success as the writer and illustrator of more than seven children's books - one of which was a finalist for a National Book Award.

After her tenure with the NYCB, Ms. Shire divided her time between New York, Mallorca, Greece and Paris, absorbing the rich cultures and colors of each place.

In 1981, Ms. Shire chose to concentrate entirely on the development of her painting. She says:

"There is a thread which runs through my life connecting all the events and professions I have pursued: Dance, music and writing were all strands that fused into the whole which for me is abstract painting.

"As painting became the focus of my life, artists such as the 17th century Dutch masters, Morandi, Rothko and my mother were paramount in shaping my vision.

"I work primarily with a limited number of mediums: Oil on canvas, acrylic, gouache pastel and graphite as well as making wood constructions. I often combine these mediums.

"I prefer to create an experience and a balance between light, space, movement and simplicity rather than 'making a picture'. This is always my goal when approaching a canvas or a piece of paper.

"This does not mean, however, that I reject objective work. With the drawings I enjoy drawing people and objects in a semi-absract form, which I often do along side my abstract work. I cannot live without creative work, even when the work is going badly. My life is defined by art."

After the '80s, Ms. Shire spent time in Amsterdam and in Lubeck, Germany where she worked as an artist-in-residence at the GEDOK Atelierhaus for three summers. Since 2000, Ms. Shire and her husband have divided their time between southwest France and New York.

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